Zafreya socks

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Queen Zafreya, just, warlike and brave, sought refuge in the lands of King Kumbaya after her village was devastated.

With their fine custom manufacture, reinforced heels and toes and elastic pique covering your calf, these socks will bring you maximum comfort. Unleash your imagination and combine our unique socks with your individual style!

Made in Bulgaria.

Each pair is made with a unique design that aims to complement your colorful outfit. If you are a person who loves unusual, varied and colorful things, and you do not tolerate the boring white and black socks that are trying to hide in your shoe, then these socks are perfect for you!

They are not just socks, they are CRAZY socks! And the crazy socks don’t hide under jeans and pants, they show off!

70% cotton, 28% polyamide, 2% elastane

Machine washable up to 40 degrees centigrade with similar colors


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Collection Chara Castro socks

In our collection ‘Chara Castro socks’ today you can see strange pairs of socks with unusual characters. These are not just any socks, but socks with a story. A story that will captivate you and take you straight to other worlds. Worlds of kings and queens, warriors and ferocious beasts. In this ordinary world, we would like you to unlock your imagination, unfold the full range of colors and make your life colorful. Of course, this will not happen with wearing a pair of socks, but it will help strengthen your senses.

Our goal is to reach as many of you as possible and make you happy with our unusual models.

Trust us to make your day more colorful!

Meet our heroes

Mighty and strong, our heroes created their own home in a magical place. A world in which everyone can be who they are without fear of being banished.

There reigned the King – Kumbaya, and the Queen – Zafreya. The other two characters you see are our Guardians, Drafly and Grenaya, the protectors. You can read all about them in our blog or check out our social media channels:

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