Modern colours in 2023

New year, the new colour palette in your wardrobe. Check out these ten trendy shades without which the new year will not be the same in the following lines. These are the modern colours in 2023.

Viva Magenta

You probably already know that a few weeks ago Pantone decided who would be the king of the colour palette for the next twelve months: Viva Magenta, a shade between red and pink that the Pantone Color Institute chose to inspire us to disconnect from technology and reconnect with nature.

This company is responsible for choosing a different tone every year, and as soon as it is announced, there is a wave of decorations and fashion proposals in this range.

However, the truth is that there is not just one dominant colour throughout the year, but the opposite. Fashionable colours in 2023 will change according to the season. For this reason, we have thoroughly studied the Spring Summer 2023 reviews to find out which shades were used the most by the “top” designers at the “fashion weeks” in Paris, Milan or Madrid.


The lightest shade of purple will be worn in dresses, knits, pants, and skirts… Besides being one of Gen Z’s favourite colours, it favours winter and summer.


Who said yellow brings bad luck? A suit in this shade can lift your mood even on a rainy Monday. That is why yellow will be one of the trendy colours in 2023.


This is perhaps one of the most elegant shades in the colour palette for the new year. It will be fashionable, both in everyday looks and for special occasions in the form of evening dresses or suits.


Green will be trendy this year in a different intensity. The mint colour, however, will stand out as we will most often see satin clothes or knitted sweaters in that world.


Not everything will be in bright colours. Gray will have an important role in 2023. Not only in jackets or suits but also in party outfits. There will be something for everyone.


Don’t be afraid to wear a “total white” outfit either in summer or winter. For example, a long tailored dress, a suit or white denim clothes. Whatever outfit you choose in white, you will be on trend.

Sky blue

If bright blue reigned last season, now we will wear a more gentle shade of blue, but without reaching pastel blue. An ideal colour for the spring/summer transition, which will bring you a lot of mood and desire for the beach.


Thought gold would stay in Christmas looks? Error! We will continue to wear it a lot, both in dresses and tops, shoes and accessories. It is easily combined with any other colour, so gold remains on the catwalk.


Of course, the style influence of Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family will stay with us this year as well: from the classic “little black dress” to light knits in summer.

Pastel pink

Although fuchsia will continue to feature in our outfits this year, the sweetest and softest pink is one of the star tones of the season. So if you don’t have anything in this candy pink colour yet, hurry up.

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