Christmas gifts from Chara Castro

Ho-ho-ho! It’s the most wonderful time of the year again. A time when we are getting better, more hopeful and happier. Time for Christmas gifts. Christmas gifts from Chara Castro.

In other words, in the following lines, we will reveal some of the most exciting news surrounding the Chara Castro brand. Pour yourself a hot drink. Here we go.


As already mentioned, Christmas is coming. It’s time for gifts. As faithful gnomes of Santa Claus, we decided to please all our Instagram followers with a Christmas giveaway.

The rules for participating in it are as follows: follow us on Instagram, like this post and tag two of your friends who would be happy to participate in the game. You can comment and tag as many times as you want. Each comment is another chance to win the giveaway.

Oh! What about the winners? That’s right. There won’t be just one winner. The gifts this year are generous. Five of you will each receive a pair of Chara Castro socks. They will be able to choose from our four designer pairs.

The Christmas gifts don’t stop here

We are very happy to share with you that with every order from our site. You can choose a free Christmas gift box. We know that around Christmas the madhouse is big. We’re all looking for last-minute gifts, wraps, ribbons, pins and whatnot.

To make your Christmas shopping easier we’ve prepared a super cute box with Christmas cheer. You can put in the box two or three pairs of socks. And the best thing is that you can personalize it and write it yourself a few minutes before giving it as a gift.

How to add the holiday box to your order?

When you buy two or more pairs of socks you can take advantage of gift wrapping. After you add the selected items to the basket, our gift to you will automatically appear. The next step is to press the “Add gift” button to add the Christmas box to your order.

The page will update, and the box will appear as part of your order. The box is worth BGN 7, and only now you will receive it as a gift from us. Take advantage of the promotion today because quantities are limited.

Kapana Christmas Bazaar

We are very excited to share with you that, once again, we will be part of the Kapana Fest Christmas Bazaar in Plovdiv. From the 16th to the 26th of December, you will find both us and a special selection of Bulgarian authors at the Christmas bazaar.

Kapana Fest is an art fair. In it, the heterogeneous forms of culture merge. The main highlight is the bazaar for Bulgarian fashion and cosmetic brands, organic and natural foods, drinks and cosmetics, urban art and active social philanthropy.

We invite you with the greatest pleasure from the 16th to the 26th at 22 Zlatarska street in Plovdiv, where we can welcome Christmas together.

For more details, follow us on Instagram and enter our Christmas giveaway.

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